Craig Reucassel led the ABC TV series

The ABC TV Series: War on Waste, which first aired in May 2017, raised public awareness about our thoughtless over consumption of finite natural resources. 
When China raised their contamination standards and the unsustainable practices of local recycling plants become apparent, the waste problem became a full blown global, national and local crisis. 

Recognising that waste and recycling were issues affecting everyone, GS decided to establish a War on Waste action group to campaign for stronger legislation, innovative solutions and community education.


UN SDG 12:
Ensure sustainable
consumption and production patterns

Key Outcomes

  • Our community is aware and informed about the waste crisis, the waste hierarchy, local recycling options and the value of a circular economy
  • People are empowered to live more sustainably
  • Federal, state and local governments have implemented effective waste and resource recovery legislation to promote efficient use of natural resources and drive the transition to a circular economy
  • For the region to be realising the potential for regional employment through new recycling industries
  • For food losses along production and supply chains to be significantly reduced
  • For food waste to be totally removed from landfill

    Waste Hierarchy

    Why we need a circular economy

    Current activities and focus

    • Encouraging people to rethink, refuse, reduce, repair, reuse items 
    • Promoting minimalism so we can be more with less
    • Reminding people to take their reusables and say no to single-use plastics
    • Educating the public to #Recycle Right to reduce contamination in yellow kerbside bins
    • Educating people to waste less food and to compost scraps to regenerate the soil
    • Encouraging people to separate soft plastics for REDcycling
    • Participating in community clean ups and advocating for a plastic-free sea
    • Supporting the transition to zero waste festivals and community events through our wash against waste services 
    • Advocating for local councils to establish a materials recycling facility (MRF) in our region
    • Supporting local cafes to better manage food waste and recycling through a Green Cafes program 
    • Campaigning against waste-to-energy option to incinerate leftover co-mingled recyclables
    • Advocating for a regional food organics recycling scheme to stop food waste going to landfill
    • Advocating for close-the-loop thinking and a fast transition to a circular economy

    Recent activities

    • Nov '20 - Submission re. Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme: Discussion Paper  -  more
    • Oct '20 - Submission re. Victoria’s proposed new waste Act & authority  -  more
    • Feb ‘20 - Submission to CoGG’s draft Waste & Resource Recovery Strategy 2020-30  -  more 
    • Oct-Nov ‘19 - Participation in BSWWRRG forums to develop a kerbside recycling action plan 
    • Jun ‘19 - Green team wash against waste service at National Celtic Festival  -  more
    • May ‘19 - Submission to the VIC Inquiry into Recycling and Waste Management 
    • Feb ‘19 - War on Waste parade and exhibit at Pako Festa  -  more
    • Jul ‘18 - Advocacy to VIC government to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)   -  more
    • Jun ‘18 - Green team engagement and wash against waste service at National Celtic Festival  -  more
    • April ‘18 - Green Drinks presentation by Ken Dickens from Corio Waste Management  -  more
    • Feb ‘18 - War on Waste parade and exhibit at Pako Festa  -  more
    • Jan ‘18 - Submission to VIC Inquiry into Reducing Plastic Pollution Survey  -  more