An early adopter’s joy switching to a 100% electric car

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Scott Barnes and his Nissan Leaf

Scott Barnes and his family are on a journey towards a zero emissions lifestyle.  Their next step is potentially a giant step forward for the environment.  And there’s consensus within the family that these new affordable electric vehicles ~ with their wheels firmly planted on the ground of economic and environmental sustainability ~ are pretty much out-of-this-world-cool!    Scott’s U-turn to … Read More

Driving an electric vehicle is a journey of discovery?

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Chris Williams and his EV

Chris Williams is a GS member & BEV convert. He and his family are doing what they can to live with a low carbon footprint.  Their farmhouse, built in the 1880’s, has never been on the electricity grid.  Since 1984, their home has been powered by a small solar and battery system.  While their second car is a hybrid, there are … Read More

What Concerns You Most About Climate Change?

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What Concerns You Most About Climate Change Movie

Isobel Bobbera is a passionate environmentalist with an academic background in International Development and Sustainability, and Primary Education. Her interests lie in issues, theory and practice pertaining to sustainable development and environmental stewardship. In this video she interviews a number of young adults around issues related to climate change. The perspectives they provide are both informative and compelling.

Geelong group to drive renewable energy projects

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Geelong Sustainability has been appointed to encourage and support communities across Victoria’s south-west to increase the uptake of renewable energy projects. It will collaborate with a variety of community organisations to form the Barwon South West Community Power Hub having secured a grant of $500,000. The Hub is one of seven being established across Victoria as part of a $3.73million … Read More

We’re Hiring!

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we're hiring

We’re looking for new staff who are passionate about shifting our community towards 100% renewable energy and net-zero emissions. The successful candadites will be working to deliver the Community Power Hub and Small Business Energy Saver Programs across the Barwon South West region! Renewable Energy Program Manager Community Energy Project Officer Small Business Energy Saver Program Coordinator Communications & Events … Read More

Electric vehicles Q & A Session

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We had a great Q&A about electric vehicles and the Geelong bulk buy on Tuesday night. If you missed it or you’d like to review the answers in your own time, you can watch the recording or read our Q&A summary. The bulk buy finishes on July 28 so place your order at for an EV asap to avoid disappointment!

Let’s end the Climate Wars …

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In 1990 the Australian Parliament became the ninth country to ratify the initial United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). A total of 197 countries have ratified the Convention, which aims to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic (human induced) interference with the climate system. A recent Lowy report shows that three-quarters of … Read More