Geelong Sustainability is a dynamic and passionate community group focused on sharing information, building community resilience, advocating for the environment and supporting effective climate action.

Join us today and contribute towards the campaigns, events and activities that will help achieve meaningful outcomes for our Geelong region and move us towards a low carbon future.


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Would you like to contribute a little more than our very reasonable membership fees? Donations of more than $2 are tax deductible and your donation, like your membership, contributes directly to major events like Sustainable House Day and to innovative projects like CORE Geelong, our Community Owned Renewable Energy project. Make your donation here.

Business members

Members whose business activity aligns with our purposes will be invited to participate in forums, expos and major events and to become sponsors of major activities like Sustainable House Day and Climate Action Drinks. In addition they can display their business in our Business Directory.


Give a unique and sustainable gift – a Geelong Sustainability membership. Join up other family members or friends as a great surprise gift.  Provided you know your friend’s email address and contact details you can join them up using the links above. Your friend will receive their membership confirmation by email.

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You can contact the Secretary at any time for assistance.