Property: 8
Location: Belmont
Type: Permaculture garden

Over the last 8 years, Goshen and Katrina have transformed their empty suburban backyard into an amazing food producing garden oasis.
On a limited budget and using largely reclaimed or repurposed materials they have created many features including an outdoor deck, a wisteria covered pergola, a greenhouse, a food forest, a series of connected ponds, a rocket stove and permeable paved pathways. Permaculture principles guide their garden and lifestyle. Nothing is wasted and everything has a purpose - it's either eaten or useful. They collect food scraps from local cafes to feed their chickens and augment their various composting systems.

Goshen runs a permaculture gardening business that assists other local families to achieve similar outcomes. Watts Permaculture motto is Earth care - People Care - Fair share.
A visit will inspire anyone wishing to convert their traditional backyard lawn into a pleasurable productive garden.
This exemplar permaculture garden is a case study in David Holmgren's new book, RetroSuburbia.

* Warning: There are bees on-site (although they are safely out of the way).

Property Features
  • Permaculture lifestyle
  • Glasshouse
  • Anti-Aviary
  • Food Forest
  • Guild and Companion planting
  • Splash pond
  • Extensive water harvesting
  • Several working composting systems
  • Operating a small permaculture business
  • Chickens, Worms, Bees* and Guinea Pig
Experts On Site
  • Watts Permaculture
  • Organic & permaculure gardeners - Mark & Chris
  • Leah, City Harvest