Property: 9
Location: Moolap
Type: Tiny house on a trailer

The idea of living in separate dwellings in a ‘co-housing community is not new. It has been tried in many ways abroad and also in Australia. Most groups tend to last only a short time when differences over trivial issues like dogs barking, escalate and cause dissention within the group. To be successful, it is vital that some initial ‘Rules of Engagement’ need to be agreed under the direction of a Body Corporate. The rules may evolve as the community’s needs change. Members of multi dwelling properties are tenants in common, with members able to leave if they so desire.

In view of the limited funds that low income people have, renting a small dwelling becomes the most affordable and least binding way to access and leave the community. A ‘tiny house’ can come in many forms with this one being built on a tri-axle trailer. Weight is approximately 3.5 tons.

With the assistance of the City of Greater Geelong, The Deakin University, Geelong Sustainability and Geelong and Bellarine Tiny Homes Ltd. are conducting a trial development of an intentional MICRO VILLAGE community.

Come and see the first tiny house in the process of being built and find out more about the project.

Recently featured in the Geelong Advertiser and on the Sustainable Hour on the Pulse FM, see below;
Property Features
  • Micro Village Concept
Experts On Site
  • Gavin Black - J H Stephenson Steeline
  • Peter & members of GBTH 
  • Cabinet maker - Ben Lo