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The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming


What’s It All About?

In our urgent transition to a zero emissions economy we need to accelerate our pace and focus on carbon reduction solutions scientifically researched in Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever to reverse global warming.

What Will We Cover?

This seminar will present 100 economically viable solutions that range from clean energy to educating girls in lower-income countries to land use practices that pull carbon out of the air.  We have everything we need to achieve these 100 substantive solutions.  If deployed collectively in Australia and on a global scale over the next thirty years, they represent a credible path forward, not just to slow the earth’s warming but to reach drawdown, that point in time when greenhouse gases in the atmosphere peak and begin to decline.


A key plus for many of these solutions is they offer benefits beyond carbon sequestration. In addition to reducing sequestering carbon, the majority offer financial savings, increase industrial yields or efficiency, create jobs, and result in healthier people. There are reasons to act on these beyond saving our environment.

Who will be presenting?

Gene Blackley is an advocate for regeneration of a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Australia is incredibly well positioned to thrive from embracing and addressing the challenges of our climate and ecological crises.

As a leader for Project Drawdown in Australia, he promotes an inspiring vision for a thriving economy and society in our future negative-carbon world, by embracing the extraordinary opportunities for Australia to be an economic superpower with a renewable-powered circular economy.


Thank you to The Gordon TAFE for sponsorship of the 2020 Clever Living Seminar Series.

We gratefully acknowledge the partnership with the Geelong Regional Library.







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