Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment


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Australian’s with energy efficient homes can expect to gain higher asset values, lower operating costs, and lower interest rates – adding tens of thousands in value.

So, with such a strong commercial case for energy efficient homes, you might wonder why so many of us fail to make the change? For many people, it can be hard to know where to start… and that’s where our expert guidance really pays off.

  • In Victoria, the best place to start is by completing a Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard (VRES) assessment of your property, delivered by one of our qualified and experienced assessors.

They complete a scorecard assessment for your home, giving it an official energy star rating showing overall performance and its cost to run; and tailored advice on what could be done to further increase comfort and efficiency if required.

With your VRES assessment completed and official star rating in hand, you now have the tools required to put some real money back in your pocket!

Our Victorian Energy Efficiency Scorecard (VRES) assessment program can quickly deliver a high return on investment if you are looking to:

  • sell your property for a premium;

  • capture the benefits of lower interest rates; or

  • be better informed about modifying your home for increased comfort and affordability.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to household occupation.