Increasing Renewable Energy and Supporting Communities

Megan DischerNews, Renewable Energy

The Community Power Hub Barwon South-West has officially launched its first project – a solar installation at the YMCA Stadium in Newtown. The installation is projected to save the YMCA in Newtown $14,000 a year on their energy bills.

The project was funded using the Community Energy Revolving Fund, which provided YMCA with an interest free loan that is paid back over a 5 year period using the money they will save on their energy bills. 

YMCA CEO Shona Eland said the funds they are saving on their energy bills will directly benefit the community as they are able to keep their costs down and continue to make the facilities available for everyone. She said it will also help the Y deliver on its sustainability principles.

“One of the key things we talk about is we believe in the power of inspiring young people. Inspired young people are telling us we need to look after our community, our environment and our people, and this is part of it,” Shona said.

The project marks the beginning of an exciting time for clean energy across the Barwon South-West as Geelong Sustainability continues to drive projects that increase access to renewable energy with a focus on community.