Trusted Local Solar Companies for the Geelong Community Solar Program

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Geelong Sustainability has teamed up with ‘Solar Marketplace’ ShineHub to deliver the Geelong Community Solar Program across Geelong and the greater G21 region. The program has seven local solar companies on board to deliver the 300+ solar and battery system installations.

Having multiple local solar companies working on the program is a great advantage as it spreads the work for the programs solar and battery installations, this means that each company is not pushed beyond their capacity to deliver the work and that they each have the time to provide a quality installation and a high level of customer service.

Many bulk-buy programs only have one solar company, which results in bad customer service and ultimately a poor quality solar installation as the installer just doesn’t have the time to spend on each job. Under the Geelong Community Solar Program each local solar company is paid a premium rate for the work they do to ensure they can dedicate the time and care needed to complete a top-quality installation job.

Hear Kurt’s perspective on why his local solar installation business, City to Surf Solar+, is working with ShineHub on the Geelong Community Solar Program.

We’ve only selected the best local installers who are battery trained and certified and have met stringent requirements for greater than 5 years in business, a proven track record, who are trained in battery and solar installations and certified and fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

The program also gives the local solar companies a platform to build and grow their businesses. The certainty of knowing there are solar installations scheduled for them means they can put more staff on and build up their teams. The Shinehub online booking process streamlines the installation process and the local solar companies also have the certainty that they’ll get paid once the independent quality check is completed by Shinehub.

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