Geelong Sustainability Business Members

Geelong Sustainability would like to introduce you to our business members. Their support is enabling us to pursue our goals of healthy regional communities, a vibrant local economy, reduced carbon emissions and sustainable ecological systems. So consider supporting them if you need any of their products or services.

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Community Partners

  • Colac Otway Sustainability Group

    The Colac Otway Sustainability Group is open to all members of the public who are concerned about the environment and the conservation of resources. Tony Brown. Colac Otway Sustainability Group

  • Geelong Field Naturalists Club

    Geelong Field Naturalists Club, GFNC aims to promote the conservation activities for the protection of endangered species and habitats. Through their various special interest groups and regular activities, the club, a citizen science group, records information and seeks knowledge about the flora and fauna of the Geelong region. Graham Possingham. GFNC

Home Food & Garden

  • Ben Shaw Permaculture

    Ben Shaw Permaculture in Geelong specifically assists families and communities to grow nutritious and healthy food using Permaculture Design. Our services include urban permaculture workshops and garden design consultations. Workshops in our permaculture designed garden show how to grow an abundance of great food in an aesthetically beautiful garden. Ben Shaw. Ben Shaw Permaculture

  • Watts Permaculture

    Watts Permaculture offers local permaculture design and consultation services together with home produced quality fruit and vegetables, grown according to the ethics of permaculture. Selling and trading excess plants and produce with others. Goshen Watts. Watts Permaculture

Energy Efficiency

  • ecoMaster

    Keep your lovely winter warmth in and block the scorching summer heat out of your Geelong home with ecoMaster’s trusted retrofit solutions. Lyn Beinat. ecoMaster

  • The Heat Shop

    For more than twenty years, The Heat Shop has been providing the highest quality air conditioning (including Daikin) and hydronic heating. We gear systems to operate at little or no cost by integrating heat pumps for hot water and warm floors with a matched solar system and Tesla battery to offset energy use. And now, by incorporating My Air and My Place we can provide even more comfort and savings with smart home technology. Robbie Britt. The Heat Shop

  • Powerpal

    Powerpal connects your electricity meter to your smartphone and wirelessly tracks (in real time!) exactly how your home is using energy. By using the Powerpal app you can identify which appliances and usage patterns are costing you money – and pushing up your power bills! Peter Neal. Powerpal

Strategic Services

  • Austeng

    Austeng is a boutique engineering firm that specialises in the design, engineering development & building of customised electromechanical machinery & systems. It has evolved from an automotive industry supplier to a technology enabler for advanced manufacturing start-ups and Universities. Austeng’s unique end-to-end capabilities (with engineers, drafting & trade capability) means that idea generation, problem solving, engineering, drafting & experimentation, prototyping and manufacturing can all be done “in house”. Austeng has earned many accolades including being the recipient of the Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Award (Vic) for Innovation & Research & Development in both 2014 & 2016. It has also been inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame. Many of the start-up companies it works with have environmental and clean tech applications . Ross & Lyn George. Austeng

  • Barwon South West Waste & Resource Recovery Group

    The Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group works with government, businesses and the community across the region to find ways to reduce and recycle waste and plan for future waste and recycling needs. Ashley Pittard Barwon South West Waste & Resource Recovery Group

  • Geelong Cemeteries Trust

    The Geelong Cemeteries Trust is a community based, not-for-profit organisation committed to providing for the needs of the communities we serve. We administer 20 cemeteries within the Geelong, Queenscliff, Surf Coast, Colac Otway and Gisborne regions, and all are maintained in perpetuity. Natural burial arrangements are possible as the Trust offers a variety of cremation, burial and memorialisation options in natural burial areas at the Queenscliff, Lorne, Leopold and Gisborne cemeteries. Geelong Cemeteries Trust

  • Geelong Grammar School

    The philosophy that underpins Geelong Grammar School’s provision of exceptional education is manifest in our Purpose, Focus, Spirit, Character and Beliefs. Fiona Holmes

  • Innate Ecology

    Innate Ecology provides strategy development, feasibility studies, food systems, organisational change and community engagement services. Suzette Jackson. Innate Ecology

  • Mondo

    Mondo is an energy company with expertise in generation and storage assets. We specialise in advanced energy management solutions for both commercial and community partners with a focus on distributed energy offerings. Mondo originated from the Yackandandah Community Energy Project and is an independent subsidiary of a larger listed corporate that has a strong history of owning and operating network infrastructure. In addition, the group provides a range of energy and infrastructure products and services to business, government, communities and households. Daniel Brooke Mondo

  • Nolan Consulting

    Nolan Consulting provides specialist hydrogeological, environmental and advisory consultancy service to state and federal government agencies, water authorities, catchment management authorities, and waste management authorities as well as corporates and SMEs. Its principal consultant, John Nolan, is an Victorian Environment Protection Authority accredited environmental auditor for industrial facilities and natural resources management. His expertise extends to expert witness roles. He has held previous positions as a Board Member of ECO-Buy, Chair of the Oaktree Foundation, Chair of Sustainable Resource Use, Deputy Chair of Waste Aid, Managing Director of Nolan-ITU, National Water and Environment Sector Leader for Hyder Consulting, a member of Sustainability Victoria’s Expert Reference Group – Waste Management, and the Victorian State President of the Waste Management Association of Australia. John Nolan

  • Tree Wishes

    Tree Wishes provides specialist advice, planning and supervision of landscape and nature management. We bring ecological enlightenment into everything we do. We provides specialist advice to those responsible for landscape management. We help people get nature, get into it and get the best out of it. Lorien Firminger. Tree Wishes

Renewable Energy

  • City to Surf Solar+

    Established in 2008, City to Surf Solar+ is a locally owned and operated solar power specialist. Their team are qualified experts in solar power installation, maintenance and home power monitoring, with over a thousand residential and commercial systems installed. Kurt Pamvouxoglou. City to Surf Solar+

  • Great Ocean Solar and Electrical

    Great Ocean Solar & Electrical is owned and operated on the Bellarine Peninsula and specialise in solar power, battery storage and renewable energy. We have over 10 years of experience in the electrical and solar industry, with qualified and accredited electricians and expert solar installers. We work closely with our customers to tailor our solutions for both the domestic and commercial markets. Whether it is a new build, renovation, or simply maintenance on your existing electrical services – no project is too big or too small. Reece Crabtree Great Ocean Solar and Electrical

  • GRID Alternative Energy

    GRID Alterative Energy offers customised energy efficiency and solar energy solutions, specialising in new generation saltwater batteries and operating across Geelong and the Bellarine. Mark O’Connor. GRID Alterative Energy

  • Off-Grid Energy Australia

    Off-Grid Energy Australia specialises in the supply and installation of off-grid power systems and grid-connected battery solutions for residential and commercial sites throughout the Geelong and Surf Coast region. Off-Grid Energy prides itself on cutting edge battery storage technology, friendly and lasting customer service and sustainable business practice. Aaron Lewtas. Off-Grid Energy Australia

  • Radiant Energy Systems

    Radiant Energy Systems specialises in off-grid and grid hybrid solar power systems as well as solar hot water and dry composting toilets. Phil Hapgood. Radiant Energy Systems

  • Australian Energy Upgrades

    The Australian Energy Upgrades difference is that we’re dedicated to performance, quality and reliability together with high standards and sustainability. We provide a full-service green energy solution. Our clients have access to Government incentives and attractive finance products for all our services including LED lighting, solar, battery storage, power factor correction and efficient hot water. Sam Vandermark. Australian Energy Upgrades

  • BizSolar

    We are a family owned Solar business committed to Geelong and the Surf Coast. We pride ourselves on providing quality solar systems at competitive prices and comprehensive back up service. We are an Accredited Solar retailer through the Clean Energy Council. Earl Serrao. BizSolar

Sustainable Building Design

  • Belco Group

    The Belco Group specialises in sustainable home design and drafting, energy ratings, feature surveys and levels, landscape design, interior design and passive solar design. Cameron Bell. Belco Group

  • f2design

    f2design specialises in high performance houses, up to ten stars, with integrated sustainability solutions combining admirable architecture into site responsive, cost effective homes. Tim Adams. f2design

  • Freehand Projects

    Freehand Projects is a design-focused practice that aims to deliver engaging and considered contemporary architecture and interior design, which indulges the senses and stands the test of time. Our creative team enjoys the challenges of collaborating on a diverse range and scale of projects, and brings a public-minded view to all aspects of the design process, carefully developing architectural solutions that display delight, practicality, sustainability and contribution to the public domain. Michael Bell. Freehand Projects

  • Irons McDuff Architecture

    Irons McDuff approaches environmental sustainability in an holistic manner. Incorporating social, cultural, ecological and economical aspects, we explore all opportunities available, including materials, energy consumption, water usage, cradle to grave footprint, recycling, reuse, and building techniques. While past experience brings a wealth of knowledge to achieving the sustainable outcomes of a project, we work closely with our clients to establish the parameters and desirable outcomes, constantly researching new and old techniques and changing conditions. Kim Irons. Irons McDuff Architecture

  • Urban Farm and House

    A registered building practitioner with a holistic approach to sustainable design solutions for housing and landscapes. Seventeen years experience providing sketch design, town planning and working drawings with the backing of completed studies in architecture and permaculture. Saimon Boyle. Urban Farm and House

  • Suntraders Sustainable Solutions

    Looking to improve the thermal performance of your home? Want to reduce heating and cooling bills? Suntraders Sustainable Solutions is a nationally accredited installer of home and commercial insulation customised completely to your individual needs. Our company is striving towards a sustainable living future and we want to help you do the same, starting first in your home. David Baldwin. Suntraders Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Building

  • A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems

    We manufacture and install Australia’s No1 sewage and wastewater management system for domestic, commercial and rural applications. Our highly efficient worm farm septic systems allow for the effective conversion of sewage, wastewater and organic waste into a reusable liquid fertiliser that is distributed underground throughout your property. Alex Blythe A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems

  • APHI Projects

    Aphi Projects is a Geelong based Design and Construct building company. Our unique skills ensure each of our projects delivers both the highest standard of design and construction together with optimum thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Our practical experience, knowledge and professionalism ensure we can deliver projects that integrate quality design with continually evolving building science and technology. Dale Roberts APHI Projects

  • Creations In Parallel - Sustainable Building & Design

    We focus on sustainable building practices that minimise environmental impacts as much as possible including natural materials such as straw bale, rammed earth, hempcrete, sustainable timbers and recycled materials as well as passive solar designs and alternative energy systems. New builds, renovations, off-grid or city living. Kellie Hose. Creations In Parallel - Sustainable Building & Design

  • Go Green Glazing

    The team at Go Green Glazing has over 100 years of combined experience in providing energy efficient window solutions. They specialise in retrofitting double glazing. Nathan Bishop. Go Green Glazing

  • Homes With Integrity

    Homes With Integrity is a multi-award winning local bespoke building company, specialising in building sustainable homes. They work with clients to create living environments that are both beautiful and energy efficient. Stuart Wilkinson. Homes With Integrity

  • SO'R Construction

    SO’R Construction is passionate about sustainable building, including strawbale building. Solar passive design ensures homes require little to no heating or cooling, creating a comfortable living environment all year round. Greener building materials ensure both new homes and renovations are as safe and healthy as possible. Shamus O’Reilly. SO'R Construction

  • Thermosmart Windows

    Thermosmart Windows are specialists in UPVC window and door systems that are as eco-friendly and energy efficient as possible. Colin Mills. Thermosmart Windows

  • The Heat Shop

    For more than twenty years, The Heat Shop has been providing the highest quality air conditioning (including Daikin) and hydronic heating. We gear systems to operate at little or no cost by integrating heat pumps for hot water and warm floors with a matched solar system and Tesla battery to offset energy use. And now, by incorporating My Air and My Place we can provide even more comfort and savings with smart home technology. Robbie Britt

Living Greener

  • Bancoora-in

    Bancoora-in is a bed and breakfast in Connewarre, near Bancoora beach. The Japanese style building uses orientation and passive solar to assist heating and cooling. It is set in a Japanese style garden which will be open to visitors in the near future. Bancoora-in has a large studio/function room for hire, a commercial kitchen and four luxury guest rooms, which have been open since June 2019. There is also a large orchard and vegetable garden, citrus grove and Bonsai. David Smith

  • Bella E-Bike Hire

    Bella E-Bike Hire provides electric bikes for hire as well as transportation of bikes, people and luggage around the Bellarine Peninsula. Our e-bikes are high quality German models and use pedelec technology for an automatic electric boost when pedalling. We bring the bikes to you and can provide transportation for you and luggage and bikes on our custom trailer. Try an e-bike before you purchase for transport, fitness and fun. Jeremy Klitzing. Bella E-Bike Hire

  • John Paul Taberdo – Travel Counsellor

    As a partner with Travel Counsellors Australia, I help people create sustainable and ethical travel experiences in Australia and overseas. I can give you advice, help you save money, and make sure that your journeys make positive contributions to the places and people you visit. It’s this kind of helping hand that will mean that you worry less, enjoy more and help people and environments thrive. John Paul Taberdo

  • Nature Based Therapy

    Nature Based Therapy is a holistic model of treatment and complimentary therapy that focuses on connecting humans to the natural world to improve health and wellbeing. We offer training courses, workshops and wellness retreats. Kit Kline

  • The Reimaginarium

    The Reimaginarium brings together quality hand-remade products from across Australia to inspire the Geelong and broader community to rethink the way that they perceive secondhand and reclaimed goods. Ryan Mischkulnig The Reimaginarium

Water Efficiency

  • Barwon Water

    For 110 years, Barwon Water has provided water, sewer and recycled water services to the community. And now, recognising the challenges of climate change, population growth, rapid technological advancement and economic transition, Barwon Water’s focus is shifting from water utility to being a leader of the region’s prosperity. Nick Wynn. Barwon Water