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Address: Queenscliff
House Size: 145m²
Land Size: 750m²
Project Type: Retrofit
Open (Free Entry): 16 October 10am - 2pm

"As a family, we're keen to have a warm and comfortable home to live in all year round.”

Experts on Site


Dan Cowdell - Greenlight
Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessments


Cal Forsyth - Ephe
Residential energy efficiency assessments, home scorecard certification, thermal imaging services and draught proofing

About the house

Our home is very typical of the area - a Defense Forces commissioned brick veneer home built in around 1990. It's a four bedroom/two bathroom home, though as was the practice at the time, is quite a bit smaller than most new builds these days (roughly 145m2). As is the way with many homes in Australia - ours gets very cold in the winter and reasonably hot in the summer. It was also built with gas powered central ducted heating, gas storage hot water and gas cooking - so a heavy reliance on gas leads to incredibly expensive bills over the winter months.

As a family, we're keen to have a warm and comfortable home to live in all year round. We don't want to move homes, can't fathom knocking this one over (the waste!) and don't have a huge budget for expensive retrofitting. We invested in a solar system about 18 months ago and are super keen to continue to implement strategies that will make our home more insulated, more air tight and solely reliant on electricity for heating, hot water and cooking.

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