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Manifold Heights: Rebuild

House Size: 150m²
Land Size: 650m²
Project Type: Rebuild
Open (Free Entry): 16 October 10am - 2pm

"We’ve tried to build a sustainable home after a devastating house fire in 2018”

Experts on Site


Charlie Phillips - Earthworker Smart Energy Cooperative
Drafting proofing specialist


Colin Long - Earthworker Energy
Solar hot water system specialist


RACV Solary
PV Solar systems specialist

Owner Builders
Sue Bull and Tim Gooden

About the house

As we were about to leave to go overseas in 2018 our 1950s red brick house burnt down. The remains of the entire house and garage had to be demolished.

We managed to reclaim a lot of the original bricks and these were incorporated into our new industrial style house with concrete floors, recycled brick and tin walls and double glazed windows and doors. The house and garage together take up very little more footprint than the original house and garage.

House specification

House information sheets

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