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Bannockburn: Flynn Way Straw Bale

House Size: 137m²
Land Size: 776m²
Project Type: Straw Bale
Open (Free Entry): 16 October 1pm - 5pm

"Quality over quantity; this humble home is designed for functionality, practicality and sustainability while simultaneously offering a sense of cosiness & grandeur. "

Experts on Site


Shamus O’Reilly, SO'R Construction
SO’R Construction is passionate about sustainable building, including strawbale building. 

About the house

James & Shannon are first home buyers who had a vision to reduce their environmental footprint and create a home that would continually inspire their love for living a minimalistic lifestyle.

Both sharing a love for the environment & natural aesthetics, it was at Sustainable House Day 2019 that they met Shamus from SO’R Construction and fell in love with his very own straw-bale home.

The pair each find a sense of joy in creating and wanted a home that would allow for that functionality whilst being in line with their values. In this two bedroom home, Shannon uses the spare room to create and share music that is deeply inspired by nature and sustainability and James uses the garage to craft unique pieces of furniture and other practical items out of recycled timber.

They desired a home that would compliment and work in harmony with nature and in this straw-bale home, they have found exactly that.

House specification

House information sheets

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