Property: 6
Location: Newtown
Type: ResourceSmart School

Since 2013, when nominated as Sustainability Coordinator, Kelly Jenkins has engaged in sustainable practices with incredible enthusiasm and determination to empower students to develop and implement their own sustainable initiatives. Kelly is inclusive in her approach and continues to review and improve on established sustainability endeavours at the school. Kelly has an all of school focus, introducing to year seven classes recycling responsibilities and developing instructional videos to enhance students understanding of recycling procedures. She was selected to attend the National EREA Sustainability Conference and Catholic Principal’s Conference in Canberra to showcase initiatives undertaken at St Joseph’s and shared this knowledge with attendees and schools across Australia.

Kelly has established an Energy Efficiency investigation for Year 10 students in Home Science, including the use of electromagnetic bikes to generate power, analysis of electricity usage in the classroom and energy audit of lights in the classroom and energy audits of devices. She developed her own acronym FICAS, F: Focus and Fun, I: Incentive, C: Comparable, A: Achievable, S: Supported. Her work has had a profound impact on the school’s attitude towards sustainability. Kelly has a holistic approach to sustainability and a commitment to running workshops and building partnerships.  

Property Features
  • Electromagnetic bike demonstration
  • Tours of Recycling/sustainability initiatives
  • Energy audit of appliances and light bulbs
  • Solar
  • Edible Garden
  • Aquaponics
Experts On Site
  • St Joseph's College representatives
  • James McLennon, Coordinator ResourceSmart School
  • Linda Grant, Education Coordinator BSWWRRG (12-2pm)