Property: 11
Location: Drysdale
Type: 1980s home with new rammed earth extension and fresh water pool

Graceburn is a classic brick veneer home, built in 1980 with low verandah all the way round, orientated east-west on 5 acres on the outskirts of Drysdale.
It’s a work in progress for Kate Lockhart and Justin Grace and their young family. Since 2006 Kate and Justin have spent a few thousand dollars each year transforming a conventional house to a more sustainable home.

Always trying to do the most cost effective-resource efficient retrofit each year. 3 children being the exception! Early investments included solar hot water in the form of 24 Evacuated tubes, two 25,000L rain water tanks to supply the house and the first major indigenous tree planting effort through Bellarine Landcare grant to bolster habitat and buffer the visual impact of passing traffic.

Taking advantage of resource efficiency incentives lead to the installation of 3kW PV panels, 3.5 R roof insulation and LED downlights replacing 12 volts in the main living areas. Double glazed windows and doors have been installed at every opportunity to improve natural light and insulation. eg bifolds to replace the very drafty sliding back door and skylights in the new ensuite bathroom. Winter heating is a modern Nectre radiant wood heater. All vegetable waste is fed to chooks, then the chook manure is distributed annually to the fruit trees.

The property now features a 17m fresh water swimming pool with native fish, a rammed earth guest retreat and rustic outdoor living area. The home is now surrounded by predominately indigenous garden sprinkled with natives and a few exotics for cut flowers. 4 chooks, 3 children, 2 bee hives, 2 adults, 2 guinea fowl, 1 very small dog and a bevy of birds flourish in the bio rich habitat. The young orchard now has 70 trees.

Property Features
  • Rammed earth studio
  • Fresh water swimming pool
  • Retrofit to a 1980's house
Experts On Site
  • Rammed Earth expert Rob Brown
  • Landcare plant specialists; including guided tour of the garden