Re-imagining Affordable Eco Housing

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WORKSHOP REPORT Re-imagining Affordable Eco Housing

FRI 22 MARCH 2019, 12.15-4.30PM

Geelong Sustainability was delighted that Christine Couzens MP was able to officially launch our planning workshop at Eastern Hub during Geelong’s inaugural Melbourne Design Week 2019 (an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria).

Our event, Re-imagining Affordable Eco Housing brought together a diverse group of 45 stakeholders: architects, builders, planners, academics, government officers, community groups and potential residents and investors.  Together we started the challenging task of visioning a new residential planning paradigm that can facilitate affordable housing, liveable suburbs, resilient communities and a sustainable future.  


Geelong Sustainability is pleased to be collaborating with Deakin University HOME on this exciting new project to plan, design, implement and evaluate a pilot micro eco village in Geelong.

We wish to acknowledge the assistance and funding support provided by the NGV for this event. Project partners shown here are:


Tim Adams (Geelong Sustainability), David Kelly (Deakin), Peter Clapinski (Geelong & Bellarine Tiny Homes), Christine Couzens (Member for Geelong), Vicki Perrett (Geelong Sustainability), Louise Johnson (Deakin HOME) and Cr Jim Mason (City of Greater Geelong).

Workshop Report

The multi-disciplinary group considered various perspectives and addressed the key questions and tasks:

  • Why is a micro eco village of affordable housing a good idea? Key themes of: environmental, economic and community/social issues were identified.
  • Why is the market not providing this type of accommodation? Key issues of: Developer/investor, community/social, government/planning and other issues were identified.
  • Key perspectives of Geelong’s present situation were considered: city planning, social housing, academic, design and community.
  • The visioning exercise for the pilot eco village took up most of workshop timeline:
    • Design options for small affordable houses
    • Develop site plan with clustered small houses and shared amenities
  • Barriers & remedies for specific themes were identified and briefly discussed: Planning regulations, House design, Building & construction, Funding, Legal and Community engagement.
  • A Geelong Affordable Eco Village (GAEV) action group was formed and people signed up.

A detailed summary of the workshop outputs is available here.

Further discussion about the key challenges in putting the vision into practice will occur at the first action group meeting to be held after Easter and Election in mid/late May possibly Thurs 16th or 23rd. Anyone wishing to join the group and/or attend working group meetings should contact Vicki Perrett on