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The ABC of Electric Vehicles

22/10/2022 11:00 am
22/10/2022 12:15 pm
Leopold Library, 31-39 Kensington Road, Leopold   View map


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What’s It About?

Whether you’re EV-curious or actively looking to switch to an electric vehicle, we’ll challenge common preconceived notions about owning an EV. 

We will look at charging, driving range, reducing range anxiety, EV costs and much more. We’ll  show you how changing to an EV is a bit like transitioning from a landline to a smartphone, the benefits are that good (especially if you have rooftop solar).

Indeed in a time of increased environmental concerns and rising fuel costs, many experts say EV’s are the future of motoring.  This presentation is a great way to explore how you can accelerate to a clean energy future!

We’ll have a couple of zero emission vehicles on site so you can see what’s involved in charging them at the Library.

Why Electric?
  • Zero Emissions Vehicle transition – the future is now
  • Much lower ‘fuel’ cost/free solar power
  • Quieter, smoother and a pleasure to drive
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
Who will be presenting?

Scott Barnes is a scientist, early adopter and convert to electric vehicles. He is a long term member of Geelong Sustainability and has been involved in all of our EV activity over the past two years. He has shared his incredible EV knowledge far and wide and facilitated many EV test drives for community members.

John Pearce is an educator who has worked in schools and at Deakin University. Having driven a few hire/loan EVs, after thorough research he has taken the leap and is awaiting the arrival of his new ZEV.  John is an active GS member and has played a major role in the GS EV project, providing EV information at markets, the EV Show & Shine and various other venues.


This EV Project is supported by the City of Greater Geelong through its ‘Environment Sustainability Grant Program’.