House 8 – Newtown


This home gave us a chance to engage the past in a journey to a greener future – and the journey continues …

Location: Newtown VIC 3220
Project Type: Retrofitted1950s BV
House Size: 3BR, 149m2
Average Daily Energy Consumption: ?kWh
Retrofitter: ecoMaster
Energy Assessor: GreenLight

Key Sustainable Features
  • Five year journey to progressively retrofit & upgrade an older suburban home
  • Retrofitted secondary glazing – some windows done professionally & others DIY  
  • Used FLIR imagery to guide blow-in insulation to brick cavity walls 
  • Fixed ceiling insulation gaps identified by FLIR survey
  • Disconnected gas after installing heat pump HWS & reverse cycle spilt systems 
  • Draught proofed cavity doors and sealed internal gaps
  • Installed exterior insulated shutters to windows
  • Water harvesting & extensive grey water saving & reuse on garden
  • 10kW rooftop solar PV and 12kW battery storage system
Zoominar Details
When Homeowners Experts
Sunday 11th Oct
3:30 – 4:30pm
Maria Bohan, Adrian Evans Energy Assessor: Behzad Falahati, GreenLight
Retrofitter: Maurice Beinat, ecoMaster

Please note, if you can’t make the live Zoominar don’t worry we will post the recording in the house details page which you get access to if you book.



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