House 7 – Geelong West


We live very comfortably in our family home, which allows us to engage with and control our environment as the weather dictates, with minimal reliance on our hydronic heating system and no air conditioner.

Location: Geelong West VIC 3218
Project Type: 1940s WB renovated in 2017
House Size: 4BR, 217m2
Average Daily Energy Consumption: Energy Consumption: 6kWh for home and office
Builder: Don Sell
Designer: RT Architects

Key Sustainable Features
  • Major modern passive solar extension to 1940s heritage home
  • Retrosuburbia goal provides office for 3 professional staff
  • Polished concrete floor in the main living area provides thermal mass
  • North facing sliding doors capitalise on the natural winter light
  • Adaptive multi-generational design
  • North-facing pergola with deciduous vines
  • Rainwater tanks connected to toilets/washing machine/garden
  • 5.4kW solar PV grid connect and battery ready
Zoominar Details
When Homeowners Experts
Saturday 10th Oct
2:00 – 3:00pm
Ryan & Lucy Thomson Architect: Ryan Thomson, RT Architects
Energy rater: Glen Rodgers, Zero C Architects
Solar installer: Kurt Pamvouxoglou, City 2 Surf Solar

Please note, if you can’t make the live Zoominar don’t worry we will post the recording in the house details page which you get access to if you book.



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