House 4 – Belmont


I love living in my sustainable house. It’s a very comfortable, light-filled haven, which makes me feel good.

Location: Belmont VIC 3216
Project type: Standalone new build 2012
House size: 3BR, 138m2
Average daily energy consumption: 9kWh (home & office)
Designer: Bios Design Build Sustain and Eco Select
Builder: Homes With Integrity

Key Sustainable Features
  • Passive solar design, 8.5 stars when constructed in 2012
  • Many universal design features
  • Polished concrete slab & reverse brick veneer give thermal mass
  • Composite timber and aluminium windows
  • Radiant hydronic heating system to avoid blown air
  • Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system for optimal indoor air quality
  • 7 Star recirculating gas instantaneous hot water unit
  • Rainwater tank connected to toilets, washing machine and garden irrigation
  • Multi award winning home
Zoominar Details
When Homeowners Experts
Sunday 11th Oct
11:00am – noon
 Fleur Pitman Energy Rate/Consultant: Fleur Pitman, Eco Select
Designer: Greg McNeil, Bios DBS
Builder: Stuart Wilkinson, Homes with Integrity

Please note, if you can’t make the live Zoominar don’t worry we will post the recording in the house details page which you get access to if you book.



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