House 3 – Inverleigh


We love living in our strawbale home because it is comfortable all year. There are no toxins inside or out making our home a happy and healthy place to raise our family.

Location: Inverleigh VIC 3321
Project type: Standalone new build 2019
Average daily energy consumption: 1.5kWh
House size: 4BR, 200m2
Builder: SO’R Construction
Supplier: A & A Worm Farm Systems

Key Sustainable Features
  • Strawbale construction
  • Sustainable and recycled materials
  • Passive solar design
  • Thermal mass – concrete floor & recycled red brick internal wall
  • Highly insulated and draught proofed
  • All electric, energy-efficient, 5kW PV
  • Many healthy home features
  • Worm farm septic tank system
Zoominar Details
When Homeowners Experts
Saturday 10th Oct
12:30 – 1:30pm
Shamus O’Reilly Builder: Shamus O’Reilly, SO’R Construction
Worm Sewage: Alan Duke, A&A Worm Farm Systems

Please note, if you can’t make the live Zoominar don’t worry we will post the recording in the house details page which you get access to if you book.



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