House 2 – Gherang


The house modifies seasonal extremes with cooling breezes in summer and warming sun in winter to deliver internal comfort and a sense of calm year round.

Location: Gherang VIC 3240
Project type: Standalone new build 2009
House size: 3BR, 190m2
Average daily energy consumption: 4.5kWh
Builder: Bolder Constructions
Designer: F2 Design

Key Sustainable Features
  • Exemplar of passive solar design
  • Many universal design features
  • Thermal chimney & thermal mass
  • All electric home, 3kW PV
  • No energy or water bills and power export income pays for council rates
  • Radial sawn natural edge yellow stringybark weatherboards
  • Cool cupboard reduces refrigeration needs
  • Box gutter water harvesting, 120,000l storage capacity
  • Renew 120 cover story
Zoominar Details
When Homeowners Experts
Saturday 10th Oct
11:00am – noon
Tim & Pip Adams Designer: Tim Adams, F2 Design
Solar installer: Mark O’Connor, Grid Alternate Energy 

Please note, if you can’t make the live Zoominar don’t worry we will post the recording in the house details page which you get access to if you book.



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