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Full Metal Jam

06/06/2018 6:15 pm
06/06/2018 7:30 pm
Beav's Bar, Little Malop Street, Geelong VIC, Australia   View map


What’s it all about?

Do you find the gym a tad tedious? Just can’t get to the pool on those chilly mornings? A little intimidated by the idea of singing in a choir?
Full Metal Jam might just be for you! It’s a fun-packed, rhythmical, physical workout that will have your heart pumping in sync with the whole group. We make music, we make movement and then we put it all together. Based on the idea that any found object can become a musical instrument, you can bring your own objects or use the ones supplied to create a mad, hilarious, noisy piece of physical theatre!

Full Metal Jam takes inspiration from the immensely successful UK ensemble STOMP. Check them out here:

What will we cover?

It’s all about experiential learning. Learn about ways to:
> Turn everyday objects into musical instruments
> Understand the basics of beat and rhythm and how to interpret simple music notation
> Co-ordinate rhythmic body movements, alone and with others
> Free your inhibitions

Who will be teaching?

Lucy Jones has worked in community theatre and taught music in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Geelong. A classically trained dancer and musician, Lucy completed her BA in Music Theatre from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and went on to develop and perform original music theatre shows in Melbourne. Since moving to Geelong she has worked for The Song Room and Bluebird Foundation as a teaching artist in many schools, has been a songwriter mentor for Athena’s Build created and performed environmental songs for M2M, and conducted Geelong Harmony women’s choir for six years.

Moving in relationship with others is actually a biological imperative. Our brains have an innate desire to synchronize and harmonize with each other. This kind of natural desire is know in the scientific literature as “entrainment”. Entrainment occurs when resonant fields rhythmically synchronize together, such as brain waves, circadian rhythms, lunar and solar cycles, breathing, circulation, and rhythms found in the nervous system. It is also a way the body experiences the sensation of feeling understood, seen and not alone.

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