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Going Off Gas

15/10/2022 2:30 pm
15/10/2022 4:00 pm
The Gordon, Geelong City Campus Auditorium, Cnr. Latrobe & Gordon Ave   View map


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Sustainable Homes: Buy, Build or Renovate

Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency

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Transitioning our homes to all electric homes is where the future is heading and this seminar is here to support you. Join us for this great in-person seminar that will cover the following:

  • Going off gas, the how, the why and your next steps.
    Cal Forsyth, Greenlight scorecard assessor with years of experience, will share the impact of gas and how we can transition our homes to become all electric. Cal will share the main systems to transition off gas including heating and cooling, cooking and hot water systems and how to start your transition.

  • Zero energy costs with an electric home.
    Velocity Solar, a local solar company and expert, will share information about how to become an all-electric home. Velocity Solar will share all things solar, batteries and all the things you need to consider to become an all-electric home with zero energy costs

  • Local homeowner story.
    Bev, from one of the open houses on Sunday 16th Oct in Torquay, will share her experience in transitioning her home off gas. Bev will share her passion for sustainability, what inspired her to get off gas, how they did it, the challenges they faced, how they overcome them, what steps they took and how she is finding her experience at the moment.

  • Getting off Gas online resource.
    Jay, from Switch Events, will share the online resource he has developed to support people in transitioning off gas. This resource helps people navigate the transition and develop a plan.

This is a must not miss seminar with great insights and guidance for you. 

Seminars require bookings, $5 per ticket and discounts for purchasing two or more tickets. Book now to secure your spot!

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  • Sustainable Homes: Buy, Build and Renovate 
  • Retrofitting for energy efficiency 

This seminar is part of Geelong Sustainability 14th Sustainable House Day happening over the weekend of 15-16 October. Whether you are updating one room or building a new home, incorporating sustainable practices will result in a more comfortable home with lower or no running costs.

A weekend includes a day of in person seminars on Saturday 15th and open houses on Sunday 16th Oct! If you are looking to explore practical knowledge and insights into buying, building, renovating or retrofitting to have a sustainable home then Sustainable House Day is here to support you! Explore the full program here!