Sustainable food is low impact, local, seasonal and organic and reduces food waste.


It’s clear that what we put on our plates has a big impact on the environment. Eating more healthfully and more sustainably go hand-in-hand – sustainable eating practices improve our own health while benefiting the health of the planet.

Why eat local, sustainable food?

  • Sustainable food tastes better. Because it is local it doesn’t travel as far as conventional produce.  This means it is picked closer to its peak ripeness, allowing the flavours to be delicious and intense.
  • Sustainable foods are healthier.  Produce is grown with fewer and less toxic pesticides and it is unlikely to be genetically modified or irradiated.
  • Sustainable meat is raised without antibiotics or hormones and animals are more likely to live in healthier and happier situations and be well treated.
  • Sustainable farming is healthier for farmers and workers and produces less waste.
  • Sustainable farming supports local economies and local communities.
  • Small farms are not as water, fossil fuel and chemical intensive and don’t create manure lagoons.

Key information sources

Further information and local suppliers can be found in the Sustainability Directory