Increasing access to renewable energy across the Barwon South West!

Jonathan WrightNews, Renewable Energy

On the 16th of March 2022, the Community Power Hub Barwon South West launched its first project – a 60kW solar PV system at YMCA Stadium Newtown – funded with an interest-free loan from Geelong Sustainability’s Community Energy Revolving Fund (CERF). 

The CERF provided an interest-free loan to the YMCA for the installation, which is expected to save them around $14,000 a year in energy costs. 

The projects were officially launched onsite by Christine Couzens MP, who praised Geelong Sustainability for another successful project.

Speaking to Times News Group Christine said “What I’ve loved about this is it’s the community driving it, not the government,” 

“We’re lucky to have (Geelong Sustainability) driving these sorts of things because without them it wouldn’t have happened.”

The CERF is driven by ‘neverending’ donations from the public, whereby funds repaid through energy savings are reinvested in other projects, ensuring community groups remain cash positive and donations continue to provide ongoing benefit for many years to come.

To find out more or to donate to the fund, head to

The Community Power Hub Barwon South West is being delivered by Geelong Sustainability Group and BRACE, on behalf of Sustainability Victoria and the Victorian Government. The CPH is working with community energy groups across the region to assess and implement community-owned renewable energy projects.