How good are the student climate strikers?

Jonathan WrightNews

Around the world, they’re speaking truth to power and demanding our leaders do what they’re elected to do – build a better future for us all.

The next global climate strike is on Friday 20 September, and the student organisers here in Australia have three clear demands for our leaders:

  • No new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine
  • 100% renewable energy generation, and clean energy exports by 2030
  • Fund a just transition & job creation for people who work in the fossil-fuel industry

The students have clearly done their homework. At home and around the world, communities are already getting on with it. We just need to massively scale things up!

The future of clean energy in Australia is bright. We now generate more power from solar panels on our rooftops than even the biggest of our polluting coal-fired power stations. And now, big battery infrastructure like the TESLA technology in South Australia is smoothing out electricity grids – making them both more reliable and cheaper to run (read more)

Good governments are walking alongside their mining communities as they transition out of digging up coal. Like in Germany’s Ruhr region, where they’ve shut down the coal-mining industry and re-skilled an entire workforce (read more)

Not only are all of the students’ demands possible – they’re vital for us to thrive for generations to come. So let’s back them in and show unprecedented people power on Friday 20 September. RSVP to a climate strike near you – and bring friends! There’s 4 events in Victoria, including Geelong!

Since their last climate strikes in March – which saw over 150,000 people in Australia hit the streets in solidarity – the student organisers have been deepening relationships across the community to build an unstoppable movement.

The students are doing their homework. It’s time for our leaders to do theirs. We must – and can – create new systems to power our lives with clean energy. 

Let’s back the students in and help make their movement for change unstoppable!

Jason Lyddieth, Climate Change and Clean Energy Campaigner

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