Green Café Project

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The Green Cafes project works with cafes to help them save money and protect the environment by cutting waste going to landfill. 

On average, 60% of cafés’ and restaurants’ landfill bins are made up of food waste. This food breaks down to methane in landfill, which is a potent greenhouse gas. This food waste could be returning to our soils as compost or fertiliser to help our soils retain their fertility.

Australia uses one billion takeaway coffee cups each year. The vast majority of takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable in household recycling bins and those that are recyclable are not recyclable through our household services.  Some are compostable but these cups can only be composted at commercial composting services (not in the home). So most takeaway coffee cups end up in landfill.

Geelong Sustainability is working with cafés in Ocean Grove and Geelong to help cafes reduce their waste by :

  1. Sending all food and compostable waste to organic waste collection services. 
  2. Providing incentives to customers who BYO a reusable cup.
  3. Sell and promote reusable cups for takeaway coffee.
  4. Avoiding disposable plastics where possible, such as straws, take-away packaging and plastic bags.
  5. Recycling as much as possible – separating paper and cardboard, soft plastics, polystyrene, pallets and crates.
  6. Having their used cooking oil collected for recycling.
  7. Reducing the energy consumption in their café and using renewable energy sources, with assistance from our GS Greenlight program (see

How does it work ?

Our Green Cafe Project Officer will visit cafés in Ocean Grove to talk through waste issues and provide cafe owners with information and options to implement immediately to make their café a Green Café and reduce their impact! 

Each cafe will be supported to go through any of the actions listed above that they have not yet addressed.

Once a cafe has achieved these actions they will be awarded the Green Cafe sticker to put in their window and promoted in Green Cafe promotions.

Our project officers will be promoting to the community to support Green Cafes and also to take action by bringing their own cup. 

There is no cost to businesses who participate.


Jess Hobbs  0407 841 359 

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The Green Cafés project has been funded by a Sustainability Grant from the City of Geelong.