Welcome to our
100% Electric Vehicle Project

Accelerating To A Clean Energy Future!

Our Show and Shine Event


Throughout June and July 2022 we ran the opportunity to TEST DRIVE (with an experienced EV owner) an MG EV.

Drivers got to experience first-hand the benefits of an EV and learn useful tips and information from experienced owners.

The Show & Shine event which was part of the Circular Living show and the Geelong Showgrounds on the 30th of April 2022 gave the opportunity for people to talk to experienced EV owners about their driving experience and answer questions about range anxiety, charging options and more.

The event featured a variety of electric vehicle makes and models

Test Drives in the MG Electric Vehicle + test rides on Electric Bikes.


MG-ZEV Waterfront


MG-ZEV and Climate Sign

MG-ZEV at Springdale Neighborhood Centre

MG-ZEV at Belmont Market

MG-ZEV at Belmont Market

Geelong Revival Motoring Festivall

MG-ZEV at Sth Geelong Market

MG-ZEV at Sth Geelong Market

COGG Kangoo

Hyundai Ioniq 5 2

Hyundai Ioniq 5 3

Hyundai Kona

RACV Solar EV Car

Roman and MG 1

Test Drives beginning

MG_ZEC Belmont Library Seminar

Tesla show Leopold Library

EV charger demo Leopold Library

EV Talk Leopold Library

Show Grounds Map 05 (1)

Postcard GCLC

Video from the show

00:00 Doug Rolfe from Electric Dream Machine: "ICE-to-EV conversion"

22:33 Interview with Dan Cowdell, Geelong Sustainability CEO

Why electric?

Electric is the way of the future
Zero emissions, fun to drive
Lower servicing costs
Quieter and smoother to drive
Much lower ‘fuel’ cost/ free solar power
Reduces your carbon footprint

Fast Facts:

Electric cars powered by rooftop solar only cost between 1-2 cents a kilometre to run, compared to 2-3 cents if they are powered off grid electricity, or between 10-20 cents using petrol or diesel. (Saul Griffith, 17 Feb 2022).

Our Aim

  • Leadership in reducing the 18% transport emissions in the Geelong region
  • Debunk myths by providing accurate EV information
  • Offering  ‘come and see’ test drives
  • An opportunity to talk to experienced EV owners 
  • Provide information about affordable electric vehicles
  • Updates on EV charging and Vehicle to Home and to Grid options

We recommend walking, cycling, public transport, car share and electric vehicles as forms of low emissions transport to consider and explore.

This project is supported by the City of Greater Geelong through its 'Environment Sustainability Grant Program.


MG EV project car around town

Look out for the MG EV project car around town ablaze with Geelong Sustainability livery!
We want to spread the word about accelerating to a clean energy future by broadcasting the message via this moving billboard.

This is the future, the future starts here, the future is now!


EV Awareness Activity in 2021

June - July 2021

EV Community Group Buy in partnership with The Good Car Company

November -December 2021

EV Car Sharing Trial
We offered a Nissan Leaf EV, introducing the only electric car available for hire on the Car Next Door platform in Geelong.  The car was available for hire to the public and it was hosted in Newcomb by long term GS members Viv & Paul.  

  • Did you know that you can list your car on Car Next Door, helping locals in your neighbourhood who may not have a car - or occasionally need a second car?
  • Also earning some income to cover your registration and running costs.
    If you rarely drive your car, and could do with some extra $$ or maybe you just want to help keep carbon emissions down, you might like to investigate this neighbourhood car hire platform.