EARTH, We Have A Gas Problem!

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Gas is an increasingly dirty and expensive source of energy that neither we nor the atmosphere can afford to consume.
The Clever Living Seminar on Wed 15/9 How to Reduce Your Energy Bills & Get Off Gas addressed how to move away from burning gas (a fossil fuel), in order to future-proof your home, save money on energy bills and join the rapid shift to zero emissions that we urgently need. By popular demand we are happy to provide the recording below so that you can capture some of the excellent information and advice from Tim Forcey, energy expert from My Efficient Electric Home.

Tim Forcey’s Presentation

Key elements of Tim’s presentation included the high economic and environmental cost of gas, improving your home’s thermal performance through retrofitting insulation, draught proofing, moisture management, window treatments, efficient electric appliances and much more. Notably household gas usage also can cause health issues.
He also mentioned monitoring your power usage and we suggest getting your FREE PowerPal home energy monitor. It is a great energy waste detective.

This nifty little device attaches to your smart meter and gives you real-time energy consumption data via a phone app ~ enabling you to quickly identify any power guzzling appliances. The device and its installation are free in Victoria through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Register for one today!

Key Information Links

As there were many questions in the Q & A, Tim has been kind enough to provide some links which might be helpful to those who want further information. – an amazing forum for answering questions and providing solutions.

Renew and getting off gas

My two videos with Renew on heat pumps, Part 1 and Part 2

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DIY draught sealing etc with Ecomaster

More DIY

See you at the next Clever Living On Line Seminar on 3 November – An Extraordinary Low Carbon Journey – Sustainable Living from the Streets of India to Middle Class Australia, not to be missed!