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CORE Geelong

CORE Geelong was established by Geelong Sustainability to facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy system. We're enabling community investment in renewable energy projects that are financially self-supporting, and return economic as well as social benefits to the community. In short, we’re creating an Energy Democracy!

Watch project leader Dan Cowdell explain how it is set up:

The CORE Geelong Project encourages community participation and investment in renewable energy. Aside from the clear benefits to the environment, we will be establishing a revolving fund for investment in renewable energy projects and social enterprise. Yep, we’re in it for the long haul!

Right now, This project is focused on developing our community solar financing model. Then we’ll be ready to take on large scale community solar and wind projects and even set up a community owned electricity retailer!

Our Community Energy projects are designed so we can all actively participate in our energy future, making renewable energy accessible to all residents of Geelong and take back control of our energy bills from big corporations. We’re also taking action against climate change by driving projects that help not only our local community, but protect our environment for generations to come.

Our Projects


Project 1: Crowdfunded Solar System - INSTALLED

South Geelong Primary School - 9.25kW Crowdfunded Solar System

In April 2015 Geelong Sustainability in partnership with The People’s Solar launched the first ever community renewables crowd funding campaign in Geelong - to put solar panels on the roof of South Geelong Primary School.

$12,000 was successfully raised and a 9.25KW solar PV system was installed in May 2016. The school is delighted!


Project 1: Crowdfunded Solar System - INSTALLED

Multicultural Aged Care Services Geelong (MACS) - 156kW Community Owned Solar System

This project has established  the first replicable community solar investment model in Victoria and enabled Geelong Sustainability to co-ordinate community driven renewable energy projects in Geelong.

The project at MACS consist of 156kW of solar in total, 102.6kW on the Residential Care building and 53.4kW on Bella Chara. With over 500 solar panels it will significantly lower electricity costs for MACS and reduce emissions by 210 Tonnes of CO2 per year. That’s equivalent to planting over 1470 trees per year or taking 60 cars off the road.

The project was fully funded in April 2018 and the solar system installed in August 2018.

Join us and be part of Geelong’s community energy revolution!

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Do you know a local business or not-for-profit organisation that could benefit from solar power?

In order to replicate the success of our CORE Geelong One solar project at MACS we are now looking for businesses and organisations who are interested in hosting a community owned solar system at there premise.

An ideal host site should have the following characteristics:

  • A large roof space with plenty of room for solar
  • Uses the majority of their electricity during the daytime
  • High energy usage of at least 120kWh / day bills of around $1,000 per month
  • Would be interested in a community project partnership
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Our Project Partners

Of course, we couldn’t be doing any of this without support at the highest level, so we are very grateful to our project partners: