After our disastrous summer of unprecedented droughts, catastrophic bushfires, heart-breaking wildlife losses and devastated communities – Australia no longer feels like the ‘lucky country’.  Around the world, people looked at Australia as proof positive of the link between climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. As one of the most vulnerable nations in the world to climate change, it is in our best interests to act immediately.

This decade is critical if we are to prevent runaway climate change. It’s everyone’s responsibility - citizens, businesses and all levels of government. 


Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

We must rapidly decarbonise our homes, consumer choices, energy supply, workplaces and economy. Fortunately the solutions already exist and can drive new employment and economic opportunities. Geelong Sustainability wants to empower people to take positive action.  The public is over the climate wars and party politics! We’re advocating loudly for strong effective legislation such as the Climate Change Bill 2020 being proposed by Independent MP, Zali Steggall. Join us!


Key outcomes

  • The community is aware and well informed about the impacts of climate change on our coasts, water supplies and living world and understand that existing solutions can create sustainable jobs and protect our living world.
  • Federal, state and local governments enact effective legislation and invest in programs which cut pollution and shift to clean energy.
  • People are empowered to live more sustainably and to be active protectors of our living world.
  • The City of Greater Geelong adopts a net zero emissions target by 2040 across the entire municipality and sets ambitious interim emissions reductions and renewable energy targets in line with the State Government of Victoria (at least 60% reduction in emissions by 2030 and 50% Renewable energy) and other leading Councils.

Current activities & focus

  • Building the skills and capacity of community members to advocate for policies which cut pollution and shift to clean energy sources.
  • Lobbying elected representatives and participating in democratic processes to ensure our air, water, plants and wildlife are regenerated and protected.
  • Networking with aligned community groups to increase our impact. 
  • Advocating for a post-Covid19 economic stimulus package which protects and regenerates our planet.  

Recent activities 

  • June ‘20 - Submission re. CoGG draft Environment Strategy 2020-30 & Action Plan 2020-22 
  • May ‘20 - Submission re. CoGG draft Budget 2020-21 - more
  • May ‘20 - Clever Living seminar presented by ClimateWorks, Solutions & Actions for Net Zero Emissions  -more
  • May ‘20 - Submission to the Federal Select Committee on COVID-19 - more
  • April 20 - Climate Action Drinks: Getting Governments to Act Like the House is on Fire by Council and Community Action in the Climate Emergency 
  • Apr ‘20 - Submission re. CoGG Sustainability Framework & draft Action Plan - more
  • Apr ‘20 - Submission re. review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999  - more
  • Mar ‘20 - Submission to VIC Inquiry into Emissions ReductionTarget for 2030 - more
  • Feb ‘20 - Climate Action parade at Pako Festa - more
  • Feb ‘20 - Clever Living seminar presented by Gene Blackley, Project Drawdown Solutions - more
  • Feb ‘20 - Launching Climate Action Drinks - more
  • Nov ‘19 - GS committee gave evidence to VIC parliamentary hearing, re. Inquiry into Tackling Climate Change in Victorian Communities - more
  • Sep ‘19 - Letter to CoGG councillors re. Climate Emergency Declaration - more
  • Aug ‘19 - Submission to VIC parliamentary committee Inquiry into Tackling Climate Change in Victorian Communities
  • Mar & Sep ‘19 - Supporting the Geelong #SchoolStrike4Climate - more
  • Feb-May ‘19 - Campaigning for the #ClimateElection and a Barwon Power Hub - more
  • June ‘18 - Submission re. CoGG draft Budget calling for more support for the environment - more
  • May ‘18 - Submission on VIC carbon emission reduction targets - more

Campaign supporters & partners

  • Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) on national issues - GS is proud to be an ACF community partner
  • Environment Victoria (EV) on state issues.

Important documents/links

Many Victorian councils are producing excellent ambitious plans based on collaborative and inclusive processes

For more further information about our #ClimateAction campaign, contact with our Coordinator, Sal Fisher on