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Turn Off Gas – No Import Gas terminal for Geelong

In August, our biggest ever Climate Action drinks featured independent energy expert, Tim Forcey.  He explained why there is no need to increase gas supplies in Australia and how we could all save a lot of money AND the environment if we stopped wasting energy.

“Victorians waste billions of dollars every year burning gas in their homes. Wasted – because today we have much better and cheaper options. Reverse-cycle air conditioners and hot water heat pumps collect free renewable heat from the air outside your house. A good thing about free heat is that no one will charge you for it. Thousands of Victorians have heard this news and are already moving their homes off gas.” said Tim.

See Tim’s full presentation

The evening also featured a presentation by Climate Action Coordinator Sal Fisher regarding Viva Energy’s proposal to build a gas import terminal in Geelong.  To watch Sal’s outline of the proposed project and its potential threats, click here.

Gas emits similar amounts of greenhouse gas as coal. We must transition to renewables quickly now to stop making global warming worse.  If you are concerned about the Viva proposal and wish to help our advocacy efforts, there are several ways you can help.

·       Join our newly formed monthly Zoom letter-writing group where we support you to write good letters to your MPs and connect with others who also care about the environment.

Next meeting is Wed October 7, 4pm.

·       Join our Gas Free Geelong Facebook page and share information about why it’s important to #turnoffgas. (Already over a thousand members!!!)

·       Think carefully about who you vote for at the next Council election – are they supporting the gas terminal development? Are they informed about climate issues? Ask them at public candidate forums how burning more gas will reduce emissions and by what date they think the municipality of Geelong should be zero emissions. 

·       If you would like to be more involved in the response to the Viva Gas development proposal, please contact Sal to discuss this further

By Sal Fisher