Clever Living Seminar 3: How to Achieve Energy Freedom

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Richard Keech: My Journey to Energy Freedom – #9: Solar PV

This video is an 8-minute excerpt of Richard Keech’s 90-minute presentation at Geelong Library on 8 May 2018, which was about how it is possible to make a comfortable home that costs nothing to run and achieves a zero carbon footprint. By combining simple energy efficiency measures with quality electrical appliances and a rooftop solar system, your home can produce more power than it uses.

In eight parts, Keech explained about power usage through smart choices for cooling and heating, hot water service, lighting, cooking and appliances, energy monitoring and control, home automation, renewable energy, and new technological advances. The video shows the ninth part of his presentation, where he explained about photovoltaic systems and batteries.

Richard Keech has been involved with Beyond Zero Emissions since 2008 and taken on many roles including that he was the lead author for the buildings plan and for the energy freedom home, lead author for the energy freedom home, looks after information technology issues for BZE, and has coordinated the development of the new BZE website.