An early adopter’s joy switching to a 100% electric car

John PearceNews

Scott Barnes and his Nissan Leaf

Scott Barnes and his family are on a journey towards a zero emissions lifestyle.  Their next step is potentially a giant step forward for the environment.  And there’s consensus within the family that these new affordable electric vehicles ~ with their wheels firmly planted on the ground of economic and environmental sustainability ~ are pretty much out-of-this-world-cool!    Scott’s U-turn to … Read More

Driving an electric vehicle is a journey of discovery?

John PearceNews

Chris Williams and his EV

Chris Williams is a GS member & BEV convert. He and his family are doing what they can to live with a low carbon footprint.  Their farmhouse, built in the 1880’s, has never been on the electricity grid.  Since 1984, their home has been powered by a small solar and battery system.  While their second car is a hybrid, there are … Read More