CORE Geelong September Update

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It’s been a busy month for the Geelong Sustainability’s CORE Geelong task group with a number of community owned renewable energy initiatives underway. Here’s a brief update about what’s been going on. We’re changing the way we communicate the activities of Geelong Sustainability’s CORE task group! There is so much great work happening and we have been so busy, we … Read More

Community Owned Renewable Energy – Project Update

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Firstly we formed a CORE Geelong Task Group to work out what might be possible and how we might do it. Then in 2015 we found some partners and began our first donation model project at the South Geelong Primary School. In total, $13,000 was successfully raised and a 9.25KW solar PV system was installed in May 2016. In September … Read More

A CORE First for Geelong

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In 2014 Geelong Sustainability conducted a community survey to find out what our 1,400 members and supporters wanted us to focus our efforts on. Overwhelmingly the message received was that Geelong Sustainability should work towards a Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) project for Geelong. A big ask and a first for Geelong – so we took it in stages. First … Read More