Strategy 2025

We’re in a global climate emergency and the next decade is crucial!

Geelong Sustainability is refocusing its strategy so we can contribute to the bold transformative action required to become a zero carbon city region.  A fast and fair transition will deliver economic opportunities and ecological benefits for Geelong and its people.  Our new Strategy 2025 is guided by the United National Sustainable Development Goals and the solutions in Project Drawdown.

Our revised mission to meet future challenges is empowering people to protect and regenerate our planet.

Strategic Goals

We are informed by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG) which are recognised and applied globally by communities, businesses and governments as the shared framework for integration and coordination of sustainability initiatives. 

In Strategy 2025 Geelong Sustainability will focus on four of the SDG goals - numbers 7, 11, 12 and 13

Goal 1: Climate Action

To take urgent action to
combat climate change
and its impacts.

Goal 2: Renewable Energy

To ensure access to affordable,
reliable, sustainable and
modern energy.

Goal 3: Circular Economy

To ensure sustainable
consumption and
production patterns.

Goal 4: Sustainable Cities

To make cities inclusive,
safe, resilient and sustainable.

Organisational Priorities

  1. To advocate for urgent action on climate change and sustainability issues
  2. To build an active, articulate, objective and informed community.
  3. To establish and leverage mutually beneficial partnerships.
  4. To strengthen our capability and deliver projects with impact.

Global Guiding Frameworks


Project Drawdown
Drawdown maps, models and measures the 100 most impactful solutions to reach climate drawdown, the point at which greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere begin to decline year-on-year.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
The Goals seek to end poverty, protect the planet and build prosperity and peace by 2030.

Evolving to a net-zero emissions economy presents extraordinary economic regeneration opportunities for a city like Greater Geelong
Gene Blackley, founder of Drawdown Australia.