Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

For people and our planet to thrive within sustainable limits

Our Mission

Empowering people to protect and regenerate our planet

Our Values


We ensure contemporary data and evidence-based research informs our work and determines our goals and priorities.

Passion and Positivity

We are passionate about promoting positive action that has a meaningful impact on our community and planet.

Democracy and Empowerment

We seek to engage and empower people, businesses and communities with democratic processes, real life experiences, up-to-date knowledge and practical tools that enable effective action.

Respect and Trust

We always act in a manner that respects people, builds collaboration and sustains public trust in our organisation.


We are highly adaptive and responsive to change, building on our strong foundations to experiment with new ways of doing things that are different and better.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are proactively getting people involved, demonstrating diversity, equity and inclusion make our community richer and stronger.

What We Do

Guided by our mission, we focus our volunteer efforts around the following key activities:

    • We inform people by publishing balanced sustainability-related information.
    • We inspire communities by modelling sustainable practices and showcasing innovations.
    • We connect people with sustainable products, services, and accredited experts.
    • We empower people to lead direct and positive action in response to the climate crisis by providing information and knowledge, sustainability products and services, and priority projects for implementation.
    • We advocate for our community on sustainability issues and opportunities.
    • We engage with the community at events and through our online activities.
    • We coordinate sustainability events that develop community awareness, understanding and knowledge.
    • We collaborate with a wide range of environmental and sustainability-focused organisations in the community, business and government. 

The Geelong Sustainability Group has been steadily developing its connections with a wide range of organisations and businesses. Our future growth and outcomes will be driven by the breadth and quality of our partnerships and collaborations.