Passion for your topic is one of the most important aspects of leading a class.  People will respond to your enthusiasm so everyone benefits.

Teaching experience is helpful, but being organised, flexible and open to questions is most important in front of a group.  The more interactive the better and remember to have fun!

Classes are run for adults unless there is a special class offered where children can attend, accompanied by an adult.

Creating a Class

Classes run for 75 minutes and are an introduction or ‘taster’ to the topic.  They can be hands on, experience or information based – different styles work for different topics.

The guide for our classes are the One Planet Living Principles mainly Health & Happiness, Culture & Community and Sustainability.

What’s in it for the teacher?

This is a chance to impart your knowledge/expertise in a casual and friendly style to a new audience of 20 or so people, while creating awareness of your knowledge or service.

Affordable classes for all is our aim, however we recognise the effort and goodwill of the teacher by paying $50 per class, plus entry to one other class of your choice.

All of the venue organisation, marketing, bookings etc. are done by volunteers of Geelong Sustainability to make this project successful.

Get in touch

If you have some ideas for unusual, fun and interactive classes we would love to hear from you.

Contact Noreen at lifelearning@geelongsustainability.org.au