Powering up Barwon South West!

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BSW Community Power Hub Launch Zoom pic

On the 25th of November, Geelong Sustainability joined with stakeholders from across our region as Christine Couzens MP officially launched the Community Power Hub Barwon South West.    The Community Power Hub is an initiative being delivered by Geelong Sustainability Group, with funding from Sustainability Victoria.  Guest speakers included Colin Lambie (President, Bendigo Sustainability Group), Vicki Perrett (President, Geelong Sustainability) and Dan Cowdell (GS … Read More

Jobs AND the Environment – no need to choose!

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Geelong Sustainability and ACF Community Geelong have just released the Roadmap To Zero Emissions:  Geelong Region Jobs Analysis, a research report that clearly presents the breadth and depth of employment opportunities across the Geelong region if we embrace the race to a net zero emissions economy.     The research project – The Roadmap to Zero Emissions: Geelong Region Job Analysis … Read More

Geelong Sustainability AGM and Member Briefing

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Geelong Sustainability AGM 2021

By empowering people and accelerating the transition to a smarter, clean energy future, Geelong Sustainability is having a positive impact on our economy, community and the environment.    Geelong Sustainability held its 2021 Annual General Meeting via Zoom on Thursday 18 November. Forty five people including 36 GS financial members attended the meeting.  As at 30 June, our membership base of … Read More

Sustainable House Day 2021: Was COVID a Show Stopper?

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We’ve just completed this year’s Sustainable House Day! How did it go? Did the community like it? What did we learn? Find out below.    Um, what is Sustainable House Day?    For the uninitiated, Sustainable House Day (SHD) showcases exemplary sustainable homes across our region. By doing this, GS hopes that people can learn how they can live happier, healthier lives … Read More