6. Highton – Renovated suburban garden filled with natives & edibles

Jonathan WrightSHD2019

6. Highton

Type: Garden Only - Renovated suburban garden filled with natives & edibles
Open: 10am to 2pm


  • Productive garden
  • Bush tucker plants and native grasses surround this 1960s small WB home
  • How to attract birds to suburban gardens
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When I bought the property in North Valley Road, the real estate agent assumed I would demolish as the house was in such a poor state and the garden was a wilderness.  But I wanted those north facing windows, liked its basic structure and the small size gave me greater garden area. I could deal with the wilderness.  

I wanted my garden to be firstly, productive and low water usage, then indigenous, native, easy-care and beautiful. I have given up on easy-care and am still working on the rest!

The weedy tree removal gave me a mountain of mulch. I terraced the back with rocks found at the front, to slow water run-off, installed tanks, and began the fun task of planting! 

For six months of the year I never buy fruit and have plenty to give away. I am largely self-sufficient in vegetables and my diet is supplemented with tasty extras like Quandong and midgen berries. I am continuing to develop bush tucker and other food species.

Many types of birds love the water I provide, with the wattles, correas, eremophilas, callistemons, and grevilleas, but just at the moment the red wattlebirds nesting in the melaleucas in the nature strip very vigorously defend their patch and chase any smaller birds away!

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