11. Ocean Grove – Retrosurburbia renovation of 1980s home

Jonathan WrightSHD2019-2

11. Ocean Grove

Type: Retrosurburbia renovation of 1980s home
Open: 1pm to 5pm


  • Passive solar design & ESD (ecologically sustainable design)
  • Green roof
  • Retrofit double glazed
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • DIY transformation in progress of dated brick veneer 140sqm home
  • 2 onsite work premises: office & health practice
  • Low cost focus - recycled, salvaged, upcycled materials
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Commenced in 2017, Alvyn & Pia’s project looks at retrofitting an archetypal brick-veneer suburban home from a place of consumption into a place of production. The process begins with the easier things - work, energy, hot water, heating, drinking water and food, and leads to the harder things, community, transport, biodiversity, etc.

The aim is to become net producers in each sector if possible. The project started with a masterplan and tree removal / relocation and planting. Last year’s focus was creating spaces for working from home and solar power. The next part of the unfolding masterplan involves drinking water and hot water. This is also a no-more-debt project as well, with the expectation that many years work but only small amounts of investment will be required. We plan to open our home in subsequent years so that people can follow the progress over time.

On site experts;