We've been busy...

Since our last blog post at the end of April, there has been no time to write. We have been working our hearts out on the campaign trail.  
Formidably led by Campaign Co-ordinator Dan Cowdell, and in partnership with Friends of the Earth's Yes2Renewables campaign (in the form of Leigh Ewbank - Vegemite man), we have polished up our letter writing skills, fronted up to meetings with State parliamentarians, learned to use Twitter and caused a tweeting storm. All focussed on renewable energy and saving the Renewable Energy Target from decimation by the Abbot government.  


But that's not all.  We also campaigned against the City of Greater Geelong's 2014-15 budget which reduced funds to Future Proofing Geelong, allocated nothing towards the Environmental Management Strategy and while supporting the Principle Bicycle Network, seriously underfunded its implementation.  

But there's more.  There's Verge Gardens for Geelong - a campaign of letters to the newspapers, letters to Council, a Facebook page and a petition - all in support of COGG relaxing its old straight-laced requirements around nature strip planting.  Phew!

And what have we achieved?  Well .... last night at Green Drinks, Cr Andy Richards announced that $45,000 would be restored to the Future Proofing Geelong budget and that FPG would support both Sustainable House Day 2014 as well as Edition 2 of the Sustainable Geelong Directory.

And what else?   Dan has been involved in discussions with the City Engineer regarding guidelines for verge gardens and I have been providing feedback on the final draft of the Environment Management Strategy.  But on the State level - nothing yet.  The RET is still under threat but may be saved by Clive Palmer and his PUP.  The people in Anglesea and Surf Coast are roaring along with their Shut It Down campaign in relation to the dirty Anglesea Power Station, but we wait with baited breath to see the outcome.

Gosh! campaigning is hard work and it never ends.  As soon as one campaign wanes another flares.  Wouldn't like to help out would you?