Sept Green Drinks Showcases Open Houses

We had a huge crowd at Beavs Bar on Wednesday night for our September Green Drinks. The event showcased the diverse range of new, renovated and retrofitted homes opening in this year’s Sustainable House Day Geelong program. The 2016 program is our biggest ever with 14 houses opening across the region on Sunday 16th October.

Poster-crop-500.jpg  Map-QR-code.jpg

The official event poster was launched featuring Sue’s new 7.5 star passive solar home at St Leonards.  Attendees were keen to take home the event poster and touring map with QR code for study further.

Homeowners explained their rationale, material and technology choices and what experts will be offering free advice at their properties on the day. Click here to view the event slides. 

Sue brought a sample of the phase change material installed in her roof at 57 Cliff St, St Leonards.  Her new home ticks many sustainable boxes and was a fitting choice as the official poster house.