Our Greener Living Exhibit at 2015 Royal Geelong Show

Geelong Sustainability took its living greener messages to the thousands of people who attended the 2015 Royal Geelong Show from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th October.  In this bold new experiment, we sought to go where the people are rather than expecting them to come to our events.


GS volunteers changing shifts on Thursday 15 October

In keeping with our mission of informing, inspiring and connecting we were keen to talk with Geelong people about ways to transition to greener lifestyles, how to make smarter choices and to connect them with local businesses and organisations.   Our primary task was to distribute copies of our new Sustainability Directory but we also used the opportunity to promote Sustainable House Day Geelong being held the following Saturday (24 Oct).

Manning our stand was a major logistical exercise with over 40 volunteers rostered across the 4 days.  We were delighted that many of our business members and directory listees were able to add their expertise to our stand. 

We were delighted with the outcomes:

  • We gave out nearly 2000 copies of the new Sustainability Directory
    Some people were reluctant to take a copy at first. However, once they saw what was inside, the common reaction was – ‘Wow, this is really useful, well done, thanks’.
  • We handed out nearly 1000 Sustainable House Day maps.
  • We gave away over 200 flyers about ‘How to Make a Wicking Garden Bed’. 
  • The upcycled bed mattress proved very popular and facilitated discussions about waste, recycling and repurposing unwanted items. 
  • John Pearce educated lots of school children with his demonstration of the renewable energy snap circuit kit. 
  • We signed up nearly 50 people to our mailing list.

The Geelong Show was an interesting experiment and worthwhile activity.  It validated the concept of taking our message to the people, especially people who would not be part of our usual demographic.  Our experience has encouraged us to participate in other regional events such as the Night Jar markets and Pako Festa.

We are very appreciative of all the volunteers who help make this activity a success. We also wish to acknowledge the financial support provided by the City of Greater Geelong in particular Future Proofing Geelong.