Our New Website

Well, we made it!

After many, many hundreds of hours of volunteer effort, the new Geelong Sustainability website went LIVE at 11.45pm on Monday 15 August 2016, coming in right on deadline.

While it was very much a team effort, massive thanks must go to Dan Cowdell and Guy Moodie without whose technical expertise we would never have been able to achieve this.


"It's been a huge effort by everyone involved, lots of volunteer and committee hours. I'd hate to think how many hours in total.  I have put a thank-you email and an email to our members on the 'to do list' next!", Dan said.

"We're sure there will still be lots of little fixes, fine tuning and training to do over the coming weeks and months. But this is such a fantastic leap forward for Geelong Sustainability!!!"

Thanks to you and Guy, Dan.