Not-for-profit Law

We are on a steep learning curve at Geelong Sustainability.  As we move ahead with our Community Energy project all sorts of questions are coming up around legal as well as financial arrangements.

But lucky for us we have discovered a wonderful community resource called Justice Connect - and their legal program called Not-for-profit Law.  NFP Law provides legal information, advice, referrals and training for not-for-profit community organisations like us.


I attended a training session today and was most impressed.  The session was called "From MOUs to Mergers - legal issues to consider when working with other community organisations".

I can now tell a memorandum of understanding from a contract, a partnership from a joint venture and an amalgamation from a merger - well, I hope I can.  I also understand the importance of due dilligence, the hefty responsibilities of committee and board members and the shifting ground under not-for-profits in Victoria.


Justice Connect is a not-for-profit community organisation staffed by lawyers.  They provide online legal information, free and low-cost training, free telephone advice, and referrals to specialist lawyers for pro bono assistance.  This help is available to many community organisations, especially those who work with disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

Here is the website -

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