New - Life Learning

Introducing an exciting new program for Geelong - Life Learning!  

Life Learning is affordable, community-driven, fun education hosted in a variety of inner Geelong venues.  The program commences in late February. These are informal classes for curious people looking to try something new, without a hefty price tag. 


Life Learning encourages people to learn interesting ‘new stuff’ in a fun, social environment. Classes will be held in cafes, bars and other vibrant spaces.

Classes run for 75 minutes on weeknights from $12.  Join our email list (link below) so we can let you know about our upcoming classes.

Current classes on offer:

Feb 28, Plant Power - Learn how to make sauerkraut, power balls and delicious smoothies to add super plant foods to your daily diet! Black Bull Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Geelong

Mar 2, Street Orienteering - Bored with walking or running the same old block? Tired of trudging on the treadmill? Looking for a new way to give your brain and body a boost? West Park in Geelong West

Mar 4, Backyard Chooks - If you love the idea of raising chooks or already have your own flock, come along! Beav’s Lounge Bar in Geelong

Mar 21, Decluttering Mindfully: KonMari Basics Class 1 SOLD OUT! 

Mar 21, Decluttering Mindfully: KonMari Basics Class 2 @ 8 PM - Do you want to declutter your life, live simply and be organised? Black Bull Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Geelong

Mar 30,  Exploring Greek Music: The Bouzouki and Beyond - Let ‘The Greek Connection’ introduce you to the origins of Rebetika, and the beauty of Greek music. Beav's Lounge Bar in Geelong


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