Living greener touches all aspects of our lives:

  • the food we grow, buy and eat
  • the energy we generate and save
  • the houses we design, build and renovate
  • water we collect, save and use wisely
  • the goods we choose to buy and who we buy them from
  • whether or not we repair, re-use and recycle, and
  • the methods of transport we choose.

On the following pages you will find ideas, resources, links, publications, websites, services, businesses, professionals and even apps that are contributing to the sustainability and liveability of our region, and that will help you and your family to live greener.

Where to start?

The Australian Government’s Your Energy Savings website has lots of useful information on saving energy and water, reducing waste and travelling smarter. It also has information on rebates and assistance as well as lifestyle guides and how-to’s for sustainable living.

A very good place to start!

You can also browse our Living Greener sections of website for plenty of information and links to some fantastic resources.

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