Fun with Costa at Pako Festa

What an inspiration Costa is!  Energetic, gracious, generous and so very knowledgeable.  A wonderful ambassador for Pako Festa.


Young Nick Kruger wore his bright blue Geelong Sustainability t-shirt when he marched in the parade with Costa.  Geelong Sustainability volunteers distributed many hundreds of free copies of our wonderful Sustainability Directory along the parade route.


Volunteer Vivienne Burke took care of our stall and building designer Tim Adams grabbed a quick bite to eat between in-depth conversations about sustainable building design and 10 star houses.  If you are considering building, look for Tim at Geelong Sustainability events - he loves to chat!


Thanks to Geelong Sustainability member Rosemary Nugent (Rosemary is behind the beard on the right) and Geelong West Neighbourhood House who invited us to participate in Pako Festa. Hope to get an invite next year too, Rosemary.